Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Recognizing that the population of New Lenox area is composed of both persons who have long and deep roots in the community and an increasing group of persons who have little or no connection to, or knowledge of, the heritage of the community, the New Lenox Area Historical Society adopts the following mission:

  1. To educate and encourage the adults and youth of the community in the study of the past of the New Lenox area and welcome new members to the community by sharing the past of the community.

  2. To establish the Schmuhl School Museum and to coordinate and supervise its activities.

  3. To cooperate with other community organizations:  governmental, civic, and social in the pursuit of community history and preservation.

  4. To support both in word and deed preservation activities in the community.

  5. To provide through grants, donation, and other financial support for the Schmuhl School Museum and activities of the NLAHS.

  6. To be a leader for the preservation and/or storage of community documents, photograph and artifacts for increased availability.

  7. To plan for future development and expansion of activities.                                                  Adopted October 7, 1999

 The New Lenox Area Historical Society is a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Illinois. (A 501c3 organization)

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