Second Grade Curriculum
Grades 7 and 8


Before you go to Schmuhl school, read the book Kit Learns A Lesson. Brainstorm about how their lives would change if their father lost his job.

Recitation bench - Read from book.

Seatwork - Students will write a narrative about how their lives would change if their mother/father lost his/her job. Read “Looking Back” page 61

(Write words 3 times each on slate board or paper.)
every could because been
were their there people
write right they number

(Copy on paper in your best handwriting.)

Beautiful lips are those whose words
Leap from the heart like songs of birds.
Beautiful hands are those that do
Work that is earnest, brave, and true.

(Copy problems on slate board or paper. Then solve.)
Write a story problem.
1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 Spelling Bee
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