The New Lenox Area Historical Society makes history fun!
History is the story, and the NLAHS works hard to bring the story of New Lenox to life by preserving memories and treasures from the past for future enjoyment.
Join us and get in on the fun!

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Teachers Corner

Teachers Corner

Excite your students as they connect with the past. Download lessons and activities that teach History is Fun.
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History of New Lenox


Enjoy the story of our community. Relish the photos of yesteryear as you delve into the past.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Discover the landmarks of our lives along with new sites. Come see for yourself how the joy of landmarking can save these important structures.

Schmuhl School
Schmuhl School

Explore the historic Schmuhl School as you time travel back to 1933. Discover the wonder of this school, saved by a caring community.


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The holiday season is here, filled with joy, celebrations and cheer. The New Lenox Area Historical Society is offering a memorable collection of tree ornaments that would make a great addition to your decor this year! Order yours today!

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